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The Truth about a Mirror

I love music, it amazes me how just by switching a station or flipping through your phone you can find a tune to match your exact mood.

But if you reach deeper into the lyrics you can also find truth. While going out to see my horse this weekend I ran into a favorite of mine. You see, I simply adore George Strait. He is the Frank Sinatra on Country music to me. And while thumbing through the radio “Troubadour” came across the airwaves.

Of course in my best car karaoke I sang along, and when it came to a certain verse, I just stopped and listened. The truth of it hit me like a train, and I knew I needed to share it.

Well, the truth about a mirror, It’s that a damn old mirror Don’t really tell the whole truth, It don’t show what’s deep inside Oh read between the lines, It’s really no reflection of my youth

These words written by Monty Holmes / Leslie Winn Satcher sincerely make me think about what we see when we look in the mirror at ourselves.

The truth is this vessel that carries our mind and soul around is an amazing machine and so many will never realize it. The reflection of it can be skewed by a person’s mental body image. What they think they look like vs. what the world sees.

Because when I see a person, I see personality, love, hate, humor, sadness, how they carry themselves and how they treat others.

The vanity is often left out in real world situations. And those who do not thrive on it, will never judge you for it.

The Last Line “It’s really no reflection of my youth” speaks to me, and it is a message I try to get across to every client and friend.

Simply, Age is just a number. Learning to cherish laugh lines, and tiny wrinkles around your eyes is possibly one of the hardest things for women to do. But once we do, we feel a freedom like no other. We let go of any apprehension to aging and just enjoy the ride.

The age I feel, will never match the number on my driver’s license.

How do you get there, that freedom to act and feel 25 but be 45? I try my hardest to eat right, eat clean, but still enjoy the food. Have a glass of wine, enjoy a sunny beach, eat the pizza, ride my horse, walk with the dogs, and laugh until I cry with my husband. I keep moving, I do not live a sedentary life to say the least. I may not get all my workouts in like I had planned. But I make it a point to get a run in, take a class, and see my chiropractor as needed. This is the way I want to live and nothing will stop me.

Taking that long look in the mirror, looking into your own eyes and smiling back completely content, is possibly one of the most sincerest forms of self love you will ever learn to express.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to share. Also check out my instagram @fitnik2015 and Facebook at Fit Nik Healthy Lifestyle Coaching.

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