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Live Inspired, Love Life, and Feel the Best you have ever felt!

Find Your Success with 

Nikki Fiel

Life Style Coaching


I was raised in a small town in Northern Michigan on our amazing Family Farm.  This is where I developed my sense of adventure, Love for Life, and fully realize just how strong I really was.


I began my journey in fitness after realizing I was overweight, unhappy and unhealthy.  Through intelligent training and proper meal planning I have been able to reshape and reclaim my life.  With this knowledge, I have helped so very many do the same.


I specialize in Fitness Consulting, Personal Training and Life Coaching, SUP instruction, Meal Planning and Instruction.  


I have had many roles in life, both personally and professionally, with all assisting me in understanding how to help people by applying a system of thoughtful fitness techniques, and helping them listen to their bodies in a new and exciting way.


I believe finding balance, is key in life.  And having a knowledgeable, supportive team behind you will help you reach any goal and both figuratively, and literally, climb any mountain. 


Please Contact me if you are interested in Fitness consulting, Business Wellness Seminars, SUP excursions, Meal Planning and Demo's, One on One Fitness Design, Or Personalized Life Coaching Experience. 

  • Let FitNik Help you design your healthy Lifestyle!

    1 hr 30 min

    Consult Prices Vary
  • 2 hr

    Price Varies
  • Are you planning an epic adventure? Let FitNik help you be in the bes...

    1 hr

    Prices may vary
  • Be ready for any Adventure with AdventureFI

    1 hr

    Free Consultation
  • Personalizing training for women of every shape, age, and condition

    1 hr

    20 US dollars

How can the fit nik approach help you...

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